Jumat, 27 Januari 2017

the interaction of natural treatments for the disease coronary heart disease

the interaction of natural treatments for the disease coronary heart disease

keen is medical exercises centric game development and commercialisation platform using natural interaction devices. keen provides clinically approved dedicated ai for tracking movements while developing exercises and rehab programmeto eventually give to game developers for gamification of medical exercises that areessential for treatments of widespread diagnoses and preventives of 21. century diseases. this is nadia, i am responsible for keen'sscientific development and innovation processes. you see cemre, on the screen, he is one ofour co-founders responsible for operations. and at the backstage alisan is the tech-leadand the developer of core technology behind keen.

keen, started as a research project, to develophuman body recognition platform via natural interaction with the support of corfo, weare aiming to provide this technology to game developers to create medical exercise centricgames that revolutionise the industry and how we practice medical exercises. on the screen you can see the basics of aithat we have developed, to track human body and rate the success of the movement performancein order to achieve a quicker and an integrated rehab. the core algorithm is able track morethan 24 points of human body in three dimension, real time. we are working on future of physical therapyand rehabilitation and waiting for you to

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